Katalog der Angst


On Sunday, 22nd of April 2018, at 3 o’clock the exposition “Discomfort” will be opened at the HeArtGallery in Hengelo. The Enschede art platform KunstNonStop will be celebrating its 10th anniversary and therefore this expo is organized. The participating artists were asked to show their most discomforting artwork. At that time I was reading the novel Die fürchterlichen Tage des schrecklichen Grauens by Roman Ehrlich and was very much intrigued by the thought that fear is always included in all our thoughts and deeds. So I started a photo project on it, that is still going on. Four of my pictures will be shown at the HeArtGallery until the 3rd of June and I am very about it (and also curious about the work of the other artists of course). After the opening I will publish the pictures on my website.

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