The January portrait

Ander licht

Today the 9th portrait of the Ander licht-series was hung. Only three more to go. Then one year will be round. In the meantime the hospital wall already looks like a museum wall, so my mission is obviously accomplished. When one walks along the aisle it is noteable that more and more people look to the displayed faces.

For the January portrait I took a picture of a young doctor on her day off. She had biked to the hospital and when I heard about that I asked her to bike a bit further with me. I try to use a different street every time I shoot an employee, so the streets close to the hospital have been pictured by now. The doctor agreed to that and so we crossed the train tracks and did a very adventurous thing: in order to catch the strong november light we positioned ourselves in the middle of the bus lane. Exciting! All went well: have a look yourself.

tessdsc_0885 (small)

Tess Wemeijer

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