CLOUDS is June’s topic


Every month a new topic, that’s what I decided last February. This is how I work on my 365-series of 2019. I know, also me is suffering from the dullness and repetitiveness of this chains of days. And of course it is not possible for me to keep shooting exciting 1 000 000 dollar shots every day, ahum. I try to cover up by using a title, but I not always succeed. Of course this is the purpose of the series: no day will pass by unseen, I face all of them and invariably I will catch them. So actually I offer here a view into my workshop, later I will hopefully arrange new combinations of new emerging series. The first day of a new month always dictates the new topic. I happened to be in the Alps at the first of June, which led to the new topic: CLOUDS. Enjoy!

First of June 2019

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