When the outdoor pool season is over

365, Announcement
The turn

If you know my pictures for a while now, you also know that I am very fond of water blues. I just love swimming in pools in the sunshine. I even do it in the rain. And I love taking pictures of these moments. But now the season is over, in fact I went to the indoor pool this morning, which is quite an adjustment. During the last open days I took some more pictures of the water in order to take the beautiful blues with me throughout the eight months until the pools open again. I will sort them out in the next few weeks.

I have another announcement to make: I quit my 365-series. I do not feel good about it, but is was too hard after traveling North America to start working again and having somehow no choice than taking pictures of sofa cushions at night. So I reminded myself that it is me who actually makes the rules. It sure is a pitty, creating a collection of one year feels quite meaningful. It is nice to try out different styles and concepts. I hope to be able to continue later. A form does help me.

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