Summer pictures and fall


I still have – ahum – about a thousand pictures from our summer trip to North America. These pictures are waiting for postprocessing and some organization. I am planning on making a picture book, which I actually never have done before. I did not because I like to have loads of pictures and coming across them for serendipity reasons. But having a complete book of a phantastic trip has its advantages of course. I can see that. Today I had a look at pictures of the first days, our stay in Toronto. It honestly is magical how you can catch moments of time within the images. It makes one’s life so much richer, don’t you think?

Second light poetry, Downtown Toronto

There is more: my exposition at Café t’Bolwerk was supposed to be shown only for the month of September, but now I got an extension and so the pictures will stay until the end of October. There were some changes: I removed some images of the Emily-series and added some pictures of the I am not an astronaut Or will you know it when it’s over-series. Have a look when you are in town!

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