How’s life at the end of November?


So what’s new? Two weeks ago I removed my pictures from Café t’Bolwerk. I am actually very happy with how things went. I got to hear a lot of kind reactions on the images.

Furthermore I am busy with teaching and also I am working as an author now. I am in a team for an educational publisher and we are writing a school book about German literature. This consumes a lot of time, but also means a lot of fun. Having literature in my life, makes me very happy.

Two months ago I decided to quit my 365-project because I did not want to get bored by my own frames. After a few exciting trips in 2019 my horizon would be rather fixed. I still think it is a pitty because the chain of the days is broken, the diary is kind of broken. But hopefully there will be new chances in the future.

Two months ago I also bought an iPhone and I have to admit that its camera is quite nice, so I find myself very often using the phone instead of my bigger cameras. However I do have made some concrete portraying plans with people and as always I am very excited about them. I am so curious how the collaboration will turn out. And how the (November)-light will be of course! I will keep you posted.

Keep making plans, they mirror how you are

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