Goodbye 2021, best of


Like in a few years before I tried to take a picture a day in 2021 again. And yes, I managed to do so! This always feels as an accomplishment, because of course I had to remind myself 365 times during that year to go on a hunt for a hopefully interesting picture. And like in all those years before on some days that is very easy, for example when there is sun, a lot of time and special things planned. But the real challenge is every day life. Of course we were still in the pandemic and therefore not so much happened at all. Except for spending many many days at home.

The set of all the 365 made pictures you can visit on my flickr-stream. Here on this website I will post only my BEST OF consisting out of 25 photos, which will take you through all seasons, show you a lot of trees, water, sky, my love for the color red and for nights of course, please enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Goodbye 2021, best of

  1. Wow! Ich bin beeindruckt, , wie viele ungewöhnliche, schöne und stimmungsvolle Momente Du in diesem Jahr – trotz allem – gefunden hast!


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