A new month

365, Thoughts

Concerning the 365-project: January is filed already, at least my images are. For February I came up with a topic: I am going to take a picture a day containing the colour red. Why is that, one might wonder. Because in the grey, cold month I want to remind me of passion, lust and – why not call it – love. Having a focus is fun. I should try it more often. I did a red month once earlier, when I made my 1000-series and I liked the outcome very much.

On the last day of January I went to Groningen to visit a symposium on The Negotiation of Values in Narrative, which was inspiring to me. I am looking forward how this will effect my future pictures. Because I also am interested in story telling and meta-perspectives. So let’s see, what will rise from that.

Here you see the first picture of February:

Feb1_0946 (Small)

What is it you prefer thinking or narrating

The eleventh day


It took me a few days to get used to it but now I am in my new rhythm of taking a picture a day. I know it is nothing sensational just every day life. No big things happen, but I try to add some extra to it. I choose the detail and combine it with some words – and every now and then you get some theatre. 🙂

jan11_0258 (small)

365/11 – Park theatre

Do you see it?