Ander licht ends

Ander licht

The last portrait was made and hung today at the hospital. Twelve employees of the hospital told their stories and were photographed by me. I asked them to go stand in different streets of the city in order to show they are part of Enschede. So as a result of the series we met twelve different people, saw different spots of the town and saw the seasons and therefore the light change. Until the begin of June you can still have a look at the exposition at the Koningsplein, Enschede. Go, visit!


Marcel Proost

Portrait no. 11

Ander licht, Portraits

Today I went to the hospital to put the March-portrait on the wall. I took it one week ago and if you have an attentive look you see that the light changed to spring light. The wall at the Hospital is almost filled now. There is only one more missing. The project Ander licht is about to come to an end, one year will be rounded off next month. It was and still is a nice process covering one whole year catching the changing seasons and the shifting light. If you have the chance go to the hospital do it and have a look!


Jasmijn Lodico

The January portrait

Ander licht

Today the 9th portrait of the Ander licht-series was hung. Only three more to go. Then one year will be round. In the meantime the hospital wall already looks like a museum wall, so my mission is obviously accomplished. When one walks along the aisle it is noteable that more and more people look to the displayed faces.

For the January portrait I took a picture of a young doctor on her day off. She had biked to the hospital and when I heard about that I asked her to bike a bit further with me. I try to use a different street every time I shoot an employee, so the streets close to the hospital have been pictured by now. The doctor agreed to that and so we crossed the train tracks and did a very adventurous thing: in order to catch the strong november light we positioned ourselves in the middle of the bus lane. Exciting! All went well: have a look yourself.

tessdsc_0885 (small)

Tess Wemeijer

The november portrait

Ander licht, Portraits

Today I added the seventh portrait to the expo at the hospital. It is nice to see how the exposition is growing. More faces, more stories. And the image of Enschede is getting more complete as well. Every person stands on a certain spot in the city and the observer can to venture a guess, where the exact location is. If you want to have a look at the hospital, just do so. There you can read the interviews as well.

DSC_0636Jenneke (Small)

Jenneke Regeling

A new portrait of a male nurse

Ander licht, Portraits

The last days of October are ticking away, autumn is peaking before everything will turn to grey. But in this October portrait we caught Martin and the golden colours of the season – in order to keep both for a long time. For checking out the other portraits of employees of the hospital go to Ander licht.

If you are interested in their stories about their strength and inspiration you can go to the hospital and read them there.

MartinbewDSC_0734 (Small)

Martin van Urk

Portrait nr. 4 now on display

Ander licht, Portraits

It is again the middle of the month which means a new portrait appears at the hospital of Enschede, MST. Ria Oplaat was interviewed for this Ander licht-project about her way to stay motivated for the work. The interview can be read at the spot itself. If you have the chance go visit the hospital and go to the Stiltecentrum.

Ria Oplaat (Small)

Ria Oplaat

The third portrait on display

Ander licht, Portraits

The Ander licht – project at the hospital of Enschede continued. Yesterday we added the next portrait: Jan Leerkotte. He was also pictured at a street close to the hospital on a grey day. The spot this time is a busy junction, where Enschede is appearing in a quite urban way. Again the portrayed person wore his own jacket above his work gown to show him as a employee of the hospital but also as an individual person.

Ander licht will show 12 portraits in total, every month one image will be added. You can see them at the Stiltecentrum of the MST in Enschede.


Jan Leerkotte