A new exposition


Bad news first: On the first of September the meteorological summer will be over, but the good news is: my new exposition will be officially opened! In Cafe ‘t Bolwerk there will be the phantastic jazz singer Janina Stopperka, a friendly reader of the poems and of course some words from me. The show is called Emily because the pictures are based on six poems of the great Emily Dickinson.

Today I installed the pictures and I have to say, I am quite happy how it turned out. The photographer Cyril Wermers helped me with the practical hanging and took a picture of me afterwards, I like to share it in order to give an impression:

In the café under one of the Emily-pictures photographed by Cyril

The series is shown for the whole month of September, so if you have the chance please go to the café and check them out!

The opening

Ander licht, Announcement

Yesterday morning Ander licht was opened officially. At the local hospital in Enschede portraits of employees will be shown for one year. Every month one portrait will be added until it April 2019. The chaplain of the hospital chose people who have the power to inspire others within their special scope of medicine or just as human beings. These people were interviewed about their motivation and personal ways to find strength for their quite often burdensome work. The interviews can be read on site. The chapel/room of silence is a very new and beautifully designed space and certainly worth a visit. After the adding of the next portrait I will show it on this website as well.


At the opening

Ander licht

Announcement, Portraits

Next wednesday – the 16th of May at 10:00 a.m. – there will be my next opening at the hospital in Enschede. For this project twelve employees (doctors, nurses, administrators etc.) were interviewed in order to tell about their inspiration and motivation to help the sick. I was asked to make the portraits of the employees. Every month one portrait will be added until one year is full. They are shown at the wall of the Chapel/centre of silence. Come and have a look, if you like!


Dr. Hom

The end of my expo at ArtOne

Announcement, Portraits

KastanieToday I removed my pictures out of ArtOne and that was that. Later this month there will be a new show on employees of the hospital in Enschede. For the project “Ander licht” they were interviewed by a minister about their work and inspiration. And I got the chance to make portraits of them. Therefore I made them leave the hospital to also show some beautiful sights of the city. And make visible how the hospital is part of the city as well. I am curious how the portraits will turn out as a series: the hospital plans to add one person each month.

Katalog der Angst


On Sunday, 22nd of April 2018, at 3 o’clock the exposition “Discomfort” will be opened at the HeArtGallery in Hengelo. The Enschede art platform KunstNonStop will be celebrating its 10th anniversary and therefore this expo is organized. The participating artists were asked to show their most discomforting artwork. At that time I was reading the novel Die fürchterlichen Tage des schrecklichen Grauens by Roman Ehrlich and was very much intrigued by the thought that fear is always included in all our thoughts and deeds. So I started a photo project on it, that is still going on. Four of my pictures will be shown at the HeArtGallery until the 3rd of June and I am very about it (and also curious about the work of the other artists of course). After the opening I will publish the pictures on my website.

The opening


Yesterday my expo at ArtOne was opened and Cyril Wermers, photographer and curator, made these beautiful impressions of the afternoon. If you are around please take your chance and visit in march and april the show. The pool pictures you can see on Mondays to Thursdays until 4pm and on Fridays until noon. On the outside ten of my pictures are 24/7 on display.

Next season


kastanien (Small)

Here is a little update on new develoments in this new season. First of all the show at Café Bolwerk is still running and I already received a lot of kind comments on them. The seven male portraits just fit beautifully into the scenery, just what I was hoping for. Then I added during last days I more and more albums to the website to show a wider range of my work. I added Emily and Trees, if you like just take a look. The last new point worth mentioning is that my art collective Wakker (Awake) is focussing on a new topic together. It will be a large project and I am very curious where it will bring me/us.

Come and visit “Fire in the Forest”

1000 pictures a day, Announcement


On Sunday, 28th of May, it finally happened: My show Fire in the Forest was opened. It was quite festive, a lot of people came to have a look and hear the stories behind the pictures. There was champagne and laughter. I even sold some pictures, so now some images are accompanied by little red dots. I wrote a statement for the show that explains some idea’s behind it, you can read it at the bookstore, but I like to publish it here, too. It is in Dutch though.

Here you go:

Fire in the Forest

Het was 22 juli 2012 rond een uur of elf – ik liep naar het dakraam. Daar zag ik iets wat mijn aandacht trok. Het motief leek onbeduidend, maar sprak op deze warme dag toch tot mijn verbeelding. Het was een kleine witte wolk voor een zomers blauwe lucht, deels verscholen achter de top van een reuze conifeer. In mijn hoofd ontstond een titel: Cloud, hiding en de foto was af.

Het was alsof deze warme dag door deze foto van een wolk – die als het ware gepersonificeerd de dag van boven gade sloeg – als in een capsule was vastgehouden. Had ik nou zomaar het geheim van het leven ontdekt? De tijd vasthouden én een eigen interpretatie van de werkelijkheid in esthetische vorm gieten?

Adrenaline stroomde door mijn lijf, hiermee wou ik doorgaan, één jaar lang en toen het jaar voorbij was, was ik zelf nog lang niet klaar. Uiteindelijk ontstond de serie van 1 000 foto´s – 1 000 maal mijn interpretatie van de werkelijkheid.

Er ontstonden series binnen de reeks: zo fotografeerde ik bijvoorbeeld een hele maand uitsluitend rode dingen en ik begon me in portretten te verdiepen (de serie My lovely Neighbors was in 2016 hier bij Broekhuis te zien). Ik kon er veel van mijzelf in kwijt: humor, filosofische vragen, speelsheid, Heimat, maar ook historische momenten zoals bijvoorbeeld de dag na de aanslagen op Charlie Hebdo.

Fire in the Forest  is een selectie van de 1 000 dagen – het is een zoektocht naar het moment in de dag, naar de kleine dingen die helpen te waarderen wat je hebt. De vaak poëtische titels maken dat het beeld beklijft.

Boekhandel Broekhuis Enschede, Marktstraat 12


More pictures, anyone?


It’s spring, tulips in the garden and inside the house, all the lovely colors are coming back. They grow and wither again already. For just one day the magnolia of my neighbor was at her best, now she loses the blossoms again. Live the moment.


tulips withering

In photography one can manage to catch time, isn’t that magic? Did you already know I have a lot of pictures at my Flickr-stream? Have a look, if you like.