A new project: Family & Time


The other day I was biking through our street when I had a short glance at the big window of some neighbors. You know the size of Dutch windows: they are huge. I saw a young family sitting on their sofa and that was the moment when the pictures by Thomas Struth popped up in my memory. I really admire the family portraits of this German photographer. Maybe because they are somehow elevated and stately and you can look at them for quite some time. There is so much to see on them: like resemblances and differencies and an image of the period they were taken in.

That was the moment when my new plan was born: I am going to take pictures of families in their homes. And I hope to do this every year, so that I can catch the time passing by. The project is a bit similar to my former project My lovely neighbors, but back then it seemed that especially the children’s portraits would turn a bit outdated in a very short time. By taking pictures every year I embrace the concept time and alteration somehow. That is an intriguing thought. I hope to find many families that are willing to join in this multi-annual project. Let me know if you are interested!

The first family I took a picture of lives in my street and I was very happy to hear that they are expecting another baby, so the change within 12 months for the next picture will be for real.

Family 1, February 2020

A new series


Last year I made some portraits of a colleague who wanted to move out his appartment. His room was already almost empty, so the blank wall would be enough as a background. After the pictures were taken I planned to leave a lot of space to the spectator so everyone could come up with his or her own idea’s on the mood or thoughts of the portrayed man. Later I was playing with different sentences one could actually move so that this would show how it’s in the eye of the beholder (hence the title) how you perceive an image. However I did not find suitable sentences and so the pictures stayed nameless. The sentences somehow brought me to pop art because I imagined them in balloons surrounding the man. This is how Andy Warhol entered my arena. I decided to use quotes of him, playing with his artistic way to see things. In my opinion this works very well. If you are curious: have a look at the whole set: Eye of the beholder.


Abel_0071 (Small)

Everybody must have a fantasy. Andy Warhol

Portrait no. 11

Ander licht, Portraits

Today I went to the hospital to put the March-portrait on the wall. I took it one week ago and if you have an attentive look you see that the light changed to spring light. The wall at the Hospital is almost filled now. There is only one more missing. The project Ander licht is about to come to an end, one year will be rounded off next month. It was and still is a nice process covering one whole year catching the changing seasons and the shifting light. If you have the chance go to the hospital do it and have a look!


Jasmijn Lodico

The november portrait

Ander licht, Portraits

Today I added the seventh portrait to the expo at the hospital. It is nice to see how the exposition is growing. More faces, more stories. And the image of Enschede is getting more complete as well. Every person stands on a certain spot in the city and the observer can to venture a guess, where the exact location is. If you want to have a look at the hospital, just do so. There you can read the interviews as well.

DSC_0636Jenneke (Small)

Jenneke Regeling

A new portrait of a male nurse

Ander licht, Portraits

The last days of October are ticking away, autumn is peaking before everything will turn to grey. But in this October portrait we caught Martin and the golden colours of the season – in order to keep both for a long time. For checking out the other portraits of employees of the hospital go to Ander licht.

If you are interested in their stories about their strength and inspiration you can go to the hospital and read them there.

MartinbewDSC_0734 (Small)

Martin van Urk

The bathrobe series are over now

Portraits, The Bathrobe Series

In the last days of August I finished the summer project of 2018: The bathrobe series. I am very happy that a lot of people wanted to take part in it, opened up their gardens for me and my camera, took on their gowns and did pose. It was very much fun to pay the late visits and to play around in the green. Have a look if you like!

Mariette_0199 (Small)

The bathrobe series (Mariette)

I always try to work on a project in summer, because photography works very well for me as a time preserver of this very lush and luscious season. Emily was another such summer project of yesteryear.



Update on summer project

Portraits, The Bathrobe Series

This summer I am working on the Bathrobe Series to catch the feeling of this season in order to keep and cherish it for future colder and darker days. I take portraits of people in their garden wearing a bathrobe. Until the end of August I am collecting pictures for the series. When I finish it I am going to present the pictures on the website of course. For now you can have a little preview at my flickr-stream.

JanJaap0797bewerkt (Small)

The bathrobe series 6