Portrait nr. 4 now on display

Ander licht, Portraits

It is again the middle of the month which means a new portrait appears at the hospital of Enschede, MST. Ria Oplaat was interviewed for this Ander licht-project about her way to stay motivated for the work. The interview can be read at the spot itself. If you have the chance go visit the hospital and go to the Stiltecentrum.

Ria Oplaat (Small)

Ria Oplaat

The third portrait on display

Ander licht, Portraits

The Ander licht – project at the hospital of Enschede continued. Yesterday we added the next portrait: Jan Leerkotte. He was also pictured at a street close to the hospital on a grey day. The spot this time is a busy junction, where Enschede is appearing in a quite urban way. Again the portrayed person wore his own jacket above his work gown to show him as a employee of the hospital but also as an individual person.

Ander licht will show 12 portraits in total, every month one image will be added. You can see them at the Stiltecentrum of the MST in Enschede.


Jan Leerkotte

The second portrait now on display

Ander licht, Portraits

It was about time to add a second portrait of Ander licht  in the hospital. It was a beautiful cold and sunny winter day when I took Kristys portrait. On my way to the hospital to out appointment I had seen the lightened gables. That actually was the moment when I decided to let the city of Enschede play a part in the project as well. In the hospital you can read an interview with Kristy about her work at the radiology department.

Kristy.bew (Small)

Ander licht

Announcement, Portraits

Next wednesday – the 16th of May at 10:00 a.m. – there will be my next opening at the hospital in Enschede. For this project twelve employees (doctors, nurses, administrators etc.) were interviewed in order to tell about their inspiration and motivation to help the sick. I was asked to make the portraits of the employees. Every month one portrait will be added until one year is full. They are shown at the wall of the Chapel/centre of silence. Come and have a look, if you like!


Dr. Hom

The end of my expo at ArtOne

Announcement, Portraits

KastanieToday I removed my pictures out of ArtOne and that was that. Later this month there will be a new show on employees of the hospital in Enschede. For the project “Ander licht” they were interviewed by a minister about their work and inspiration. And I got the chance to make portraits of them. Therefore I made them leave the hospital to also show some beautiful sights of the city. And make visible how the hospital is part of the city as well. I am curious how the portraits will turn out as a series: the hospital plans to add one person each month.

A new artist in my series


Some of my series like Artists in their studio are still ongoing and I keep adding pictures from time to time. Now I am very happy to be able adding two portraits of the Dutch artist Ebba van der Bijl. She has her new studio on the second floor of an old classy schoolbuilding in Hengelo. She just moved here and is still decorating and searching for practical and beautiful solutions all around. We had a fine morning together with strong black coffee, talking about art and what to aim for.

ebba14 (Small)

Ebba van der Bijl


Another series: Artists in their studio


I admire artists. Their creativity, their strength against all odds and their independent minds. I love to picture artists in their working places where they can transform their inner power to make that force visible. So do I. Showing their passion and ideas to the outer world. I plan to make the series grow.

Een Europese geschiedenis

Poetry, Portraits

Inspired by a poem by the Dutch poet Jan Glas I made a series of seven male portraits. Every man stands for a decennium of the human age. The portraits were part of a group exhibition of my art group Wakker.

This is the poem:

Een Europese geschiedenis


Ik kende alleen de zee, het dorp en de landerijen,

de meisjes die met bloemen in hun haar het voorjaar vierden,

volmaakt ondergeschikt aan onze beschaving.


Toen ik eenentwintig was ging ik naar de stad

en ben daar gebleven. De meeuwen

keren elke dag  terug naar de zee.

In de stad wordt het voorjaar niet gevierd.


Ik werd een typische anonieme Noord-Europese man.

Ik sliep op een goed matras,

iedere dag was ik online.

Ik dronk te veel, dat is waar,

maar dat doet een man die gedoemd is te mislukken.