Summer is here


Only two hours to the beach from our home, why don’t we do this more often? We definitively should! This time family came over from Australia and Canada, hence the little airplane. Digging together in the sand and watching countless aircrafts heading Schiphol coming from the Atlantic. So normal and exceptional at the same time.

Strandtag (Small)

A new year has begun


I love the time after christmas with minimized light when being feels somehow like floating in a space without time or borders. The hours are ticking away – like they always do. And then after the big noise – arriving and departing – the new year is here, always bringing new light. A moment to reflect of course. Which beautiful things of the passed year to not forget and to remind yourself of the battles that were won. But what about new plans and making resolutions? This year for me it feels rather like I have to cut down on them in order to get a peaceful mind. I read a book on the psychology of making portraits including a chapter about mindful photography. This teaches one how to stay in the moment, how to appreciate little things and to maybe find poetry within. I used to do that during my 1 000 a picture a day-project and sometimes I miss doing it. I guess I will return to that plan someday. For now it is: good bye 2017, hello 2018! nieuwjaar18

white light




In March I went to a monastery to contemplate about literature. And all of a sudden it became spring all around. Time for developing new ideas, having new thoughts and live the new life. The other day I learned that the word to develop/ontwerpen/entwerfen does mean the opposite of to bow to/onderwerpen/unterwerfen. Thus creating means freedom. I love that insight.