July is on reflection


The 365-series continues. We already have passed the longest day and thereby entered summer, the biggest time of the year lays behind us. In June I used CLOUDS as a topic and I very much liked how my photosream turned into blue. The picture one by one were not that spectacular but as a series they turned somehow into a blue carpet. I really dig this process: it is like moments are woven in a bigger frame: they turn into time. For me it is a way to actually catch time.

For July I chose a new topic and this has become: REFLECTION/MIRRORS. I am afraid there will be some selfies involved, but not exclusively. For the obliged title I continue using fragments of Susan Sontag‘s lovely essay “On photography” (1977), she covers a lot of very fascinating aspects of taking pictures. For me this works very well.

Have a look if you like!

CLOUDS is June’s topic


Every month a new topic, that’s what I decided last February. This is how I work on my 365-series of 2019. I know, also me is suffering from the dullness and repetitiveness of this chains of days. And of course it is not possible for me to keep shooting exciting 1 000 000 dollar shots every day, ahum. I try to cover up by using a title, but I not always succeed. Of course this is the purpose of the series: no day will pass by unseen, I face all of them and invariably I will catch them. So actually I offer here a view into my workshop, later I will hopefully arrange new combinations of new emerging series. The first day of a new month always dictates the new topic. I happened to be in the Alps at the first of June, which led to the new topic: CLOUDS. Enjoy!

First of June 2019

High in the sky

365, Thoughts

The last days of May I was lucky to spend in Munich. I was looking for interesting shots involving WATER since this was my topic that month (for that month or the ones before check my 365-album). My friends let me use the window seat and so I was able to take some nice shots. First it started with some grey of the tarmac, then green of the surrounding grassfields and then the ascending started. This makes you immediately realise how little nature is left, how huge the actual footprints are that mankind leaves on the ground – I mean: just have a look at this first picture. Your mouth shapes an O when a few moments later the fog is starting to show and is veiling the sight of the city. One tick later everything changes into a thick blanket of fluffy clouds which makes you forget everything humans did. Heaven is on your mind. It is the beautiful s-shape of the river Rhine that totally conciliated me.




The topic of May


I am still shooting a picture a day for my 365: a picture a day-series. After April’s topic of Shadow I chose water for this lovely green month. Of course water is an opulent topic in photography, just think of reflections in surfaces and tiny drops catching the light. Also it is everywhere to find. But the best thing is the fact that the pools opened again and watching (and catching) the playful lines will never ever get dull. Just have a look:


One week in Morocco

365, travel

In April and May my father and I travelled Morocco for a week. We only visited three cities: Casablanca, Marrakesh and El Jadida, but all impressions were really overwhelming. Of course I took pictures, although very often the foreigness made me a silent observer not so much a documentary photographer. For now I only will post a handful of pictures, some more you can see as a part of my 365-series of course. During that week my SHADOW-month ended and I decided on going on by the topic WATER. Have a look if you like.


Some pink wall and an olive tree at Marrakesh


Seen from the car the landscape is very alternating and dry, but still green in spring


A flat tyre, speed controls, but impressive landscapes


Just love the red soil


Once you got your tyre fixed you will notice the workshops just everywhere


After the desert and the dry Atlas mountains we reached the Atlantic ocean


Ander licht ends

Ander licht

The last portrait was made and hung today at the hospital. Twelve employees of the hospital told their stories and were photographed by me. I asked them to go stand in different streets of the city in order to show they are part of Enschede. So as a result of the series we met twelve different people, saw different spots of the town and saw the seasons and therefore the light change. Until the begin of June you can still have a look at the exposition at the Koningsplein, Enschede. Go, visit!


Marcel Proost

April’s topic is shadow


For the month of April I chose shadow as a topic. A theme helps to find focus on the every day basis. I combine the pictures in this spring month with fragments from texts about poetry and its function. This results in gripping combinations. Sometimes it does. So my 365-series continues, have a look if you like.


A new series


Last year I made some portraits of a colleague who wanted to move out his appartment. His room was already almost empty, so the blank wall would be enough as a background. After the pictures were taken I planned to leave a lot of space to the spectator so everyone could come up with his or her own idea’s on the mood or thoughts of the portrayed man. Later I was playing with different sentences one could actually move so that this would show how it’s in the eye of the beholder (hence the title) how you perceive an image. However I did not find suitable sentences and so the pictures stayed nameless. The sentences somehow brought me to pop art because I imagined them in balloons surrounding the man. This is how Andy Warhol entered my arena. I decided to use quotes of him, playing with his artistic way to see things. In my opinion this works very well. If you are curious: have a look at the whole set: Eye of the beholder.


Abel_0071 (Small)

Everybody must have a fantasy. Andy Warhol

Portrait no. 11

Ander licht, Portraits

Today I went to the hospital to put the March-portrait on the wall. I took it one week ago and if you have an attentive look you see that the light changed to spring light. The wall at the Hospital is almost filled now. There is only one more missing. The project Ander licht is about to come to an end, one year will be rounded off next month. It was and still is a nice process covering one whole year catching the changing seasons and the shifting light. If you have the chance go to the hospital do it and have a look!


Jasmijn Lodico