He was weak, and I was strong- then
So He let me lead him in-
I was weak, and He was strong then-
So I let him lead me -Home

‘Twasn’t far-the door was near-
‘Twasn’t dark-for He went-too-
‘Twasn’t loud, for He said nought-
That was all I cared to know.

Day knocked-and we must part-
Neither-was strongest-now-
He strove-and I strove-too-
We didn’t do it-tho’!

2 Emily.dress

We knew not that we were to live –
Nor when – we are to die –
Our ignorance – our cuirass is –
We wear Mortality
As lightly as an Option Gown
Till asked to take it off –
By his intrusion, God is known –
It is the same with Life –

3 Emily.black

Too few the mornings be,
Too scant the nights.
No lodging can be had
For the delights
That come to earth to stay,
But no apartment find
And ride away.

4 Emily.night

Great streets of silence led away
To neighborhoods of pause;
Here was no notice, no dissent,
No universe, no laws.

By clocks ’t was morning, and for night
The bells at distance called;
But epoch had no basis here,
For period exhaled.

5 Emily.wall

A soft Sea washed around the House
A Sea of Summer Air
And rose and fell the magic Planks
That sailed without a care —
For Captain was the Butterfly
For Helmsman was the Bee
And an entire universe
For the delighted crew.

6 Emily.cold

‘Tis Opposites — Entice —
Deformed Men — ponder Grace —
Bright fires — the Blanketless —
The Lost — Day’s face —

The Blind — esteem it be
Enough Estate — to see —
The Captive — strangles new —
For deeming — Beggars — play —

To lack — enamor Thee —
Tho’ the Divinity —
Be only
Me —

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