To come: Fire-in-the-forest-show at the bookstore


D.KellnerFire in the forest#19

From May 28 and July 3 my pictures will be on show at Broekhuis, Enschede (The Netherlands). Most of the images are from my a-picture-a-day-series. I am still pondering the ultimate choice, but I already decided on the goal: I want the beholder to laugh and to feel. To me this is very exciting of course. The show is named after a picture called Fire in the forest – taken in Denmark some years ago. The title refers to the design of a sweater I did when I was in high school. I designed this jumper with jazzy red and green, in love with the strong contrasts, the vibrance and the evident fun. Now this old memory comes back and I embrace it. 🙂

I will keep you informed of the process. See you around!


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