July is on reflection


The 365-series continues. We already have passed the longest day and thereby entered summer, the biggest time of the year lays behind us. In June I used CLOUDS as a topic and I very much liked how my photosream turned into blue. The picture one by one were not that spectacular but as a series they turned somehow into a blue carpet. I really dig this process: it is like moments are woven in a bigger frame: they turn into time. For me it is a way to actually catch time.

For July I chose a new topic and this has become: REFLECTION/MIRRORS. I am afraid there will be some selfies involved, but not exclusively. For the obliged title I continue using fragments of Susan Sontag‘s lovely essay “On photography” (1977), she covers a lot of very fascinating aspects of taking pictures. For me this works very well.

Have a look if you like!

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